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Escalator and elevator advertising


       It is theorized here that in certain hectic, media saturated and a highly distracted consumer environments, advertising in elevators and also escalators has sparked a certain amount of curiosity. It has effectively hyped up the demand for client brands via the concept of technologies pertaining to integrated alternative marketing, which are said to effectively authenticate and influence consumers. What can be submitted here is that it assists clients in being able to reach out to consumers in ways that are surprising and unconventional. This mode of advertising is understood to be very effective and has immense potential in providing a cost-effective and simple way of advertising with very far reaching positive consequences.

Keywords: Escalator, Elevator, Advertising Effectiveness, Outdoor, Marketing, Saudi Arabian Consumers, Advertising and Promotion


       In these present times, business organisations are looking for new and innovative methods of promoting and advertising their products. They search for advertising methods that captivate and attract the attention of potential consumers. There does exist a special and highly innovative technique of advertising that can be used by marketers and this comprises of elevator and escalator advertising methods. This mode of advertising is high beneficial and it is time that many of companies, especially in Saudi Arabia, take advantage of this mode of advertising and start reaping the rewards.

       Elevators are frequently used by people that might one day be potential customers for the products and services of a company due to the advertisements that are displayed on the elevators. It is apparent that elevators transfer people from one location in a building to another and in some cases the transferring will continue all day. In the 21st century, innovative advertising like elevator advertising is immensely popular and it has the potential of becoming a very successful tool for advertising. In my opinion, it’s the most effective tool in the new century. This stems from the fact that many people especially the young people do not like to read or view advertisements or listen to radio commercials as they are quite boring and not captivating enough.

       This is a contrast to elevator advertising which is very creative and innovative in nature and it likely to capture the attention of persons. In Saudi Arabia, it is learnt that such types of advertisements are not yet popular and they are largely non-existent because people are simply unaware of the benefits that can be enjoyed through the use of such advertising modes. It is appreciated here that elevator advertisements are not costly and in reality, it is very cost effective. What can be theorized here is that if properly used, it would revolutionize the marketing and commercials world. Elevator advertisement is a powerful tool for attracting the desired customers and it is essentially a forcible method of advertising due to the fact that they don’t have any alternatives except to look at the advertisements. Hence, there is non escaping and elevator and escalator users would be forced to view the advertisements and then get an idea of the advertising motive.

Research Objectives

The objectives of the research are now outlined:

  • To examine the concept of escalator and elevator advertising from a Saudi Arabian perspective
  • To determine the type and nature of escalator and elevator advertising that currently exists
  • To determine the advantages and disadvantages of escalator and elevator advertising
  • To research and investigate the opinions of escalator and elevator users on the

    viability of using escalator and elevator advertising in Saudi Arabia

  • To research and investigate the opinions marketing executives of Saudi Arabian

    companies on the viability of using escalator and elevator advertising to promote

    advertise their goods and services in Saudi Arabia

Literature Review

In this section, a literature review would be conducted on the areas of elevator advertising whereby the types of elevator and escalator advertising would be discussed and its advantages would be examined comprehensively. The requirements for elevator advertising will also be discussed here.

Type of Elevator Advertising

Below are some of the more common types of elevator advertising:

  • Outside door advertising
  • Inside the elevator using brochures or painting
  • Outside (outdoor) media (using screen)
  • Inside (indoor) media (using screen)
  • Sounds advertising (inside the elevator)
  • On the elevator buttons (outside and inside)
  • Creative and innovative advertising (costly)

Types of Escalator Advertising

There are many creative types of the escalator advertising and the most attractive one are:

  • Beside the escalator using a brochures or any type of advertising.
  • Between the escalators using painting or drawing.
  • On the escalator steps using a creative pictures on each one of the escalator steps.
  • Advertising using the media (screen) on the top of escalator on the way of going up or going down.
  • Using the sound advertising between the way of transferring (it is not very effective).
  • In the entrance and the exit of the escalator.
  • On the escalator handrails which enable branding, advertisements and other

    decorative communication material to be easily applied to escalator handrails.

       Also the escalator and the elevator are usually crowded and the riders are always changing, so your advertising will be for a different variety of people and different kinds of people with different ages and also with different classes. So you will market you products or services for all the types of the people using an affordable and powerful tool for getting the riders attentions.

Strategic Advantages of Escalator/Elevator Advertising

Below are some of the more important advantages of escalator/elevator advertising”

  • It is innovative and creative
  • It is the best alternatives of other marketing strategies.
  • The intelligent use of the elevators and taking benefits of the empty spaces
  • Advertisements would achieve the advertiser’s goals
  • It is an innovative media solution.
  • Escalator advertising is enjoyable up close or from a distance

Advantages of Escalator Advertising to the Users

Below are the advantages of escalator advertising to the users:

  • Improved appearance of the escalators
  • More captivating and interesting environment
  • Antimicrobial protection for the handrails which provides users with a sense of
    comfort and this also protects users against contagious disease

Advantages of Escalator Advertising to the Advertisers

Below are the advantages of escalator advertising to the advertisers:

  • Opportunity to capture public attention with new advertising platform
  • Marketing avenue provides high-impression frequency
  • Contemporary marketing mode drives client “buzz”
  • Considerably long impression period of exposure when person is on the escalator
  • Excellent viral marketing medium

Advantages that Accrue to Property Itself

       Such a form of advertising can be described as special, dynamic, and innovative. It is understood to provide an effective source of incremental non-rental revenue and it also effectively brings about certain enhancements to the property. What can be said here is that companies would now be able to place their advertisements in a place that is highly visible to millions of economically consumers that rise on escalators ever so regularly.

       It can be noted here that the escalator handrail advertising method is understood to provide the advertisers new media that is extremely effective. It provides owners of property with extra revenue and/or branding opportunity. It also provides persons that use escalator with a highly engaging handrail which is understood to enhance their experience.

Advantages that Accrue to Owners of the Property

       Concerning the owners of property, it is submitted here that it provides these persons with a chance of using escalator media advertising to generate additional revenues from sales generated from advertising or it could even be a very potent method of increasing the internal branding or communications with the users of the escalator.

       In essence, it is submitted here that escalator advertising provides a very effective solution for companies that are searching for highly innovative and effective opportunities for advertising. Almost instantly, the creative design of the elevator as well as the escalator would captivate the attention of people very fast. It can be said here that escalator and elevator advertising would effectively dominate the environment and it would effectively cut through a cluttered shopping centre. Below are a summary of the advantages of escalator advertising to the owner:

  • A rise on revenue at very marginal cost
  • Use of structures that were previously unproductive
  • Enhanced communication with users
  • Improved location aesthetics as well as ambiance which leads to a much
    higher level of customer relations
  • Little or no involvement of the escalator owner

The Need to Advertise on Escalators

More Specific Advantages Enjoyed by Advertisers that Advertise on Escalator Step:

       Multi-Impact Impression – It is theorized here that the utilization of graphics on escalator steps would most likely cause for a very high impact rate to pedestrians who will be able to view about 50 steps when they ride escalators for about 30 seconds.

       Unlimited Message Space – The installation of certain graphics on highly popular escalator step would tremendously benefit advertisers with a high impact of visibility of their advertisements.

       Very High Impact Rate – This form of advertising is understood to be capable of influencing point of purchase shoppers in the sense that escalator step graphics are understood not to compete with certain traditional media and it is capable of capturing the attention of the audience before effectively entering points of purchase.

       High Level of Target – It is observed here that escalators are normally found at the points of purchase.

       Simplicity and Ease of Use – Such advertising is understood to fit very simply in pre-existing properties with a minimum amount of owner involvement.

       Innovative and Non-Traditional – This form of advertising can be described as non -traditional and highly contemporary.

There can be a number of reasons why the escalator handrail media could be the advertise format of choice for advertisers and these are listed in summary below:

  • Fast and effective exposure in order to capture the attention of the audience
  • Ability to reach out to a large number of audiences in certain highly targeted areas
  • It provides for hands-on advertising that is not unavoidable
  • It has high proximity to the point of purchase

Justifications for Effectiveness of Escalator and Elevator Advertising

The following are some of the reasons why escalator and elevator are very effective

and have the potential of having high popularity levels:

  • Elevation in the level of sales
  • Elevation in amount of traffic
  • Elevation in level of brand exposure
  • High effective in advertising the launch of a new brand
  • Effectiveness in the construction of a brand image
  • The reinforcement of various other forms of media at certain prime locations

    (Kotler et al, 2007)

       Irrespective of the aims and objectives of the advertiser, it is submitted here that the concept of escalator and elevator advertising would be helpful in achieving it. What can be submitted here is that escalator and elevator advertising would be the ideal compliment to television, print and radio advertising. What can be theorized here is that escalator advertising permits a very high level of visibility in terms of advertising in very prime locations and this enables the advertiser to target shoppers, various commuters, as well as families and also business people (Kotler et al, 2007), (Tellis, 1988), (Lavidge and Steiner, 1961) and (Abraham and Lodish, 1990).

       Now there is a new media opportunity, it is a dynamic new media that reaches the audience that always in demands. This media that teaches, moves and uniquely interact with its audience. It is an interactive, impactful and informative communication.

       Saudi Arabia community likes to explore and find the new things; the majority of the people there are economically active. It is a rich country and these kinds of advertising will be an opportunity for the companies which are looking for increasing their sales and marketing their products or services.

Suitable Locations for Escalator and Elevator Advertisements

The most ideal locations for escalator and elevator advertisements (advertising):

  • Transportation hubs
  • Convention centers
  • Offices buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Department stores
  • Airports
  • Sports arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • Train stations

Research Method

       Concerning the research method, it is submitted here that the research method of choice here would be a specifically designed questionnaire from which specific data is capable of being colleted from the respondents. This questionnaire would contain close ended and open ended questions.

The Sampling Activity

       In this section, an elaboration would be made of the sampling activities connected to this research. The sample of this study consisted of 571 respondents in the major cities of Saudi Arabia and they are as follows:

  • 197 In the Western Region (Jeddah, Makkah, Al Madinah and Al Taif)
  • 123 in the Middle Region (Riyadh, Al Qaseem and Alkharj)
  • 106 in the Eastern Region (Dammam, Dhahran, Al-Khobar and Al-Ahsa)
  • 86 in the Northern Region (Hail, Tabouk and Al-Jouf)
  • 59 in the Southern Region (Jizan, Najran and Abha)

       The unit of analysis will be the people who are using the elevators and escalators regularly such as the people who are working in the shopping malls, airports, offices buildings and hotels. The locations will be in the high traffic and the most crowded and busiest places.

Research findings

The research findings will be discussed comprehensively below.

Respondents Awareness of Advertisements on Elevators and Escalators

       The respondents were asked about whether they were aware of the notices and advertisements that were placed in elevators and escalators and to this question, 68% of the respondents stated here that the first thing that they looked at was any notice or print advertisements in the elevators or on the escalators. Hence, it is apparent here that the respondent’s eyes are always focused on objects posted on the elevators and escalators when they are waiting for the ride to end and hence it is apparent that this powerful and aggressive tool for marketing can be used to market the products or services. It is a very important and effective strategy to modern marketing.

Respondents Alertness in Reading Advertisement Content on Elevators and Escalators

       Many respondents stated here that the tended to read whatever they could when being transferred on the elevator or escalator and this accounted for about 89% of the respondents. Hence, this would be an excellent opportunity to provide these persons with interesting like a media advertisements that would enhance the appearance of the elevator. Such can be accomplished by placing brochures of the company products on the elevator. The fact that the majority of the respondent’s attention is caught by the advertisements; this would be an excellent way of promoting a product of service.

Respondents Perception towards Escalator and Elevator Advertisements

       The respondents were asked whether escalator and elevator advertisements would be annoying for them or pleasant and to this question the majority of the respondents stated that this form of advertising is not annoying at all in comparison to radio or television advertising. This accounted for 95% of the respondents. The other respondents said that it was quite annoying for them as they did not like any form of advertisements.

Types of Media that Captivates Respondents Attention

       The respondents were also asked what kind of media would catch their attention the most in elevators and the majority of them (78%) said that a small monitor that played advertisements in real time would be the most appropriate form of advertising that is most likely to catch the attention of the users. The other 22% said that brochures and print media as sufficient to catch their attention.

Effectiveness of the Escalator and Elevator Advertising from the Perspective of


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