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Assessing Flooring Options For Hotel Environment

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the types of flooring available suiting to the conditions desired and the decisive factor prior to selection of any kind of flooring according to the need of the floor. At the end I would give my suggestions and opinions and legitimate reasons for his recommendations. In this essay the areas under considerations are, the Coffee Shop, Main Reception and the Employee locker room. For choosing any kind of suitable flooring some factors require high value of pre selection consideration such as the location of the hotel, weather conditions and the flow of guests. As hotel is located near by the ocean so the weather tends to be tropical as the winter stays mild but summer remains warm, so the people who wished to stay in hotel mainly like to swim or to go to bank of the ocean, as the hotel also have two swimming pools in its premises. People pass the main front desk every time in order to get in the hotel or to go out of the hotel. Most of the time they use bathing suits and one can expect from them the dripping water from their swimming costumes and the sand particles along their clothes or shoes. Some may use coffee shop in the same robe. As the staff is using rare door for staff entrance only so is less likely to pass through main desk but in the event of rain it is most likely that staff also carry a bit of water and sand with their clothes and shoes, even staff member change their uniform and use the locker room to put their belongings. The locker room is situated near to changing room.

House keeping is the department having the main duties of keeping the hotel clean not only the work area but the guest area as well as the guest rooms. As this is the main department, generating revenue for the hotel, advocates its responsibilities and the significance of undertaking its operations within the federation. Being an executive house keeper it becomes vital to select the flooring by keeping in view the durability, beauty, attractiveness and the interiors of the hotel along with the fulfilment of the desired purpose in different areas of the hotel

With the changing time and continuous unpredictability of globalization and the recent steep growth in hospitality and tourism industry resulted in often visits in hotels where expectations are high and high level of comfort is desired by the customers. It has become challenging and mandatory to satisfy customer’s needs and to devise strategies at every level of management.

Now I will discuss the types of different floorings which can be used in commercial and non-commercial outlets and at the end I will propose the selection of the best flooring for those specific areas required.

What is flooring?

Flooring is the general term , covering the floor permanently or the work of installing for the floor covering. It is a term to describe any finish material work applied over a floor structure and make it for walking surface. There are different kinds of materials can use for floor covering include wood flooring, stone, ceramic tile, terrazzo and various other seamless chemical floor coatings.

Flooring can make the attractive difference in the appearance on floor especially in the hotels and also contribute to the ambiance of the hotel. Flooring plays a very important role for the hotel appearance and also has to satisfy many things because it needs to be attractive, durable, and easy to maintain and also be the cost effective. In these technological days floors have been updated to address the requirements needed in hotel flooring. There are many kinds of floorings for the hotels; restaurants and homes there are some kinds of flooring style from which to choose for the floor.

Types of flooring

Carpet flooring

Carpet is a common choice for any hotel flooring especially in the colder climate it is permeable therefore it can stain, but the luxury and warmth it provides still make and this is a popular choice. It is one of the best insulators against sound which is important factor in a hotel setting. There are so many colours, design and also the variety therefore carpets can be one of the least expensive for flooring option it depends the size and quality of the carpet. The installation of the carpet usually done in less time than other alternatives. Carpet does need change more often that the other flooring but involves high cost.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring can be used in a hotel setting; it is really durable but one of the more expensive and easily cleaned and will not be discoloured when used. The out lasts many other choices of flooring such as tile, wool and carpet. We can also add the colour tints in concrete which make the more choice in decorating schemes.

Ceramic Tile flooring

It is another choice which offers durability and visual value and easy to clean and retain. If broken, can easily be replaced by another. A ceramic tile adds a feeling of quality and worth of any room. A ceramic tile is one of the most expensive but it can be used longer and is also available in different colours and shapes, offer options for any type of furnishings.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is other popular choice for hotel flooring. These are easy to clean, stain resistant and durable and also serve both the purposes of practicality and aesthetics. These tiles have the huge variety in designs and colours. The imitation of natural material can offer an economical way to have appeared of a more expensive floor covering. This choice allows you to have the look of wood, slate, brick for a division of the cost of the real thing.

Rubber Flooring

These types of tile are naturally hygienic and water-proof. It also offers the sound proofing, cushioning and insulating properties to the rooms of a hotel. It is stain-resistant, durable and easy to clean. It is not the most deluxe looking choice but it will fir in well when going for the minimalist look that is popular in these day. It is reasonable price not to much expensive and can last longer than the other choices.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the new flooring in flooring industry; it is more environmentally friendly than hardwood because it is not wood it is actually the grass therefore it is very graceful, durable and flexible. The colour of bamboo flooring is naturally variations there it is unique and usually use in a honey brown colour or light tan.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring are the fastest growing in America now a days it is not too much expensive than the hardwood flooring and easy to maintain. It comes from Europe but is increasingly popular in United States. Laminate flooring is almost resistant to burn, chipping and scratches.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring used over a thousand years before but mostly people think that it’s new. It is a naturally harvested and comes from Portugal and Spain. It retrieved only from mature tress and is harvested every 9 years, therefore it is very economical. It is available in different styles, sizes and colours. It also helps to insulate against sound and is rot-resistant and non-slip, even when it wets and also soft and comfortable to walk on as well as being warm underfoot.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring includes many options, such as limestone, marble and slate and also has a price valve out of most people’s price range. Naturally, it is resistant to wear & tear and completely waterproof. It is very cold underfoot and also hard. It is very slippery when wet and especially when polish.

Flooring for hotel

Flooring for hotel and all other places in hotel is of utmost important it is not only the matter of the tear and heavy foot traffic but it must also be easy clean and maintain and also stain resistant.

In the past there was not the variety of flooring and therefore luxury hotel often had match the flooring such as marble and tiles but now a days there are so many types of flooring and because of it most modern and luxury hotels want more cost effective options, to choose the floor with the current trend.

There are a lot of choices of floor when choosing the flooring and it is also an expensive part of decorating the floor but the decision of flooring is very important for the hotel because the right decision for flooring save the money and also the long life. It is not easy to place the flooring for twice a year because the lot of money involved in it and therefore decision making is important for make the life easier.

Stone, bamboo and cork tile flooring offering the natural beauty and tough wearing surfaces but laminate, resilient vinyl flooring easy to maintain and fit for budget and ceramic tiles are hardwearing and classic.

Significant criteria of selection

Now days every thing is improving fast and in every thing there is a competition and especially in hotel and tourism industries this industry is moving forward day by day therefore in hotel every hotel have the plan in every department before starting the construction of hotel. flooring is one of them before that there is no main concept of flooring and every organization and hotel used just the limited type of flooring but now flooring is also the main aspect because every it involve the high volume of foot traffic and flooring make the attraction for any place and people feel very easy to walk on floor.

There are so many places in the hotel where a hotel can use the different types of flooring and these flooring can be different in every area according to the situation because in the open area like main reception, where the people came first on the front office for reservation flooring can be different from the hotel guest’s room and also the restaurant, gym, bars, etc.

On the other hand kitchen flooring and employee locker’s room flooring will different for the other flooring. Locker room for the hotel staff is not very useable staff just came to change their dresses and keep their other stuff therefore kitchen and staff locker room is the behind the scenes area and hotel lobbies, swimming pools, main entrances is the good example of the front of the house. One more thing is important for flooring in the hotel is that the hotel can choose the different types of flooring in every department but it is important that every floor should be match with each other in which style, theme and colour because in my opinion if these things are not match able each other that looks not the beautiful although hotel have the many choices for flooring therefore I should be considered that each flooring appearance looks the same like the other flooring.

Here I have the task for the signification criteria of selection of flooring for the coffee shop, main reception area and staff locker room. Coffee shop and the main reception there are the places where people come and go every single moment specially in the coffee shop where people not only come but also sit there for coffee and talking each other but staff locker room where staff just come to change their dresses and mostly they came there twice first when they start their job and second when they finished. Therefore the hotel considers the some basic points before selection the new flooring. Now we will see these points for each of them

Main points for coffee shop

Types of material which they will use

Capacity of the people

Nature of business

Location (where the hotel is it is located in the city centre or near the sea side)

Style of hotel


Colour (which they used is the match with design and style of hotel)

Comfortable for walking

Easy to clean

According to the budget

Warranty of flooring (flooring which will use how long it will)

Maintenance after fixing

If the little damage in any place easy to replace

Resistant against stains

If wet but not slippery

Easy to dry

Main points for main reception

Main reception and the coffee shop as we discuss is the place where people come and go in every time the only difference is that on the main reception people will not stay more than but in the coffee shop people stay their to talk each other and also for drinking coffee therefore there is not to much different in these two area the main points for main reception is



Easy to maintain

Cost effective

Easy to clean


Stain resistant

Floor does not fade

Not slippery



Water & moisture

Style (formal & informal)

Floor material & condition

Significant criteria for locker room

As we know that the hotel is one of the fastest industry and therefore hotel have the so many staff they came in the hotel in different time because hotel is almost 24/7 jobs and therefore well standard hotel have the many employee and hotel provide their employee locker room facilities to change clothes and contain locker for the storage of their clothes and others stuff during the shift. Locker room is just use for the hotel’s employee therefore it is not important to spend the extra money on the flooring therefore in this area the point can consider before selection of flooring is that



Water proof

Long term durability

Resistant against stains




In my opinion as the executive house keeper I will suggest that kind of flooring which really match according to the condition of the Florida weather condition and the floor should be the long term durability and also easy to clean and look more attractive for the hotel’s customers. It is also in the budget of the hotel and colouring should be more beautiful for every customers. The flooring is matter of a lot of money therefore I tired my best as the executive house keeper to spend the less money and get the long period benefit.

Now I will recommend the different types of flooring for coffee shop, main reception and also the employee locker room.

Flooring for coffee shop

Ceramic tile

After front office and restaurant coffee shop is the third main department in the hotel to increase the hotel’s revenue. Coffee shop is that place where people come with their friend, family, and children, talking each other and spending some time on there.

As we know the weather condition of the Florida there fore we cannot choose the carpet or rubber flooring for the coffee shop because coffee shop is the place where lot of people come and go every time and also the people come with their wet clothes and water falling down on the floor therefore if we will use the carpet for the coffee shop it will always wet and look completely rubbish there fore ceramic tile for my opinion is the best suggestion for the coffee shop.

As we discuss flooring is the matter of the lot money therefore we should to use that flooring which is also if one of the breaks it is simply to replace and coffee shop is the place where internal and external customer come and on the other hand if we will use the carpet or rubber flooring it no matter a lot of chance of damaging and if the carpet will damage of cut of any place we cannot replace it therefore in my opinion ceramic tile is the best for the coffee shop.

Some advantages of ceramic tile

Choice of colouring

Easy to clean

Easy to dry


Stain resistant

Easy to replace one of them

Available larger and smaller size

Easy to maintain

Use in hygienic material

Smooth surface

Flooring for main reception

Main reception or front office is the most important place in the hotel because when the customer comes in the hotel they come straight forward on the main reception and from there they can easily guess the atmosphere of the hotel service standard and also the behaviour of the staff. Therefore in the hotel the hotel should to make the well attractive and more beautiful main reception area for the hotel,

Resort hotel are that hotel where people comes to spend their holidays and want to enjoy every moment and resort hotel in Florida where the weather condition is totally different in each season the choice of floor should be given the same result for both season.

As the executive house keeper I would suggest the vinyl tile for the front office because it is a little bit rough on the top of the floor and it is available in many design and colour. We cannot use the carpet or wood en type of flooring and also the marble tile because the marble tile is the slippery and people come on the front desk with wet clothes. Rubber tile is also the not good because the condition of the weather is not good for the rubbing flooring and rubber flooring tile is not good in the hot weather but the vinyl tile is better in hot condition and as well as in cold weather. It is made with the curtain type of stone that keep the maintenance of the tile in every weather. It is also available in wide range and has the lot of variety.

The main advantages of that tile are that:

Huge variety

Lot of colouring

Easy to maintain

Easy to clean

Not slippery

Stain resistant

Elegant appearance

Affordable cost

Comfortable under foot

Flooring for locker room

Locker room is the place where the hotel employees come to change their dresses when they come on the job and finish there work. As we know that the hotel is the growing fast industry in the whole world and hotel also provided the best facilities of their customers as well as they provides the facilities their staff as well therefore the hotel maintain their standard they provides the best facilities of their staff.

As the hotel standard staff locker room should be the clean and tidy because if the staff locker room will clean it creates the good impact on staff performance and also the staff locker room should be the according to the government law health and safety law.

As the executive house keeper I would suggest the carpet flooring for the locker room because the locker room is the place where staff not to use too much and not for the other two places where the customer comes with wet clothes but in locker room employees just come and go therefore in my opinion I will suggest the carpet flooring for the locker room.

The advantages of carpet flooring are

Huge variety


Lot of colour

Easy to clean

Easy to cover

Not to clean every day

Safety and comfort

Steam cleaning

Easy to maintain


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