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Advantage and Disadvantage of Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is an industry that has lots of competitor because it is one of the fastest growing sectors among others industry. Besides that, the hospitality industry is one of the oldest businesses in the history. Nevertheless, it changed and expending drastically in areas such as tourism, meeting and convention planning as the time goes by. The huge growth of the hospitality industry required a high qualified and trained people to fill in the rapidly opening positions in hospitality management. Other than that, it is an exciting, never gets boring and offers unlimited opportunities to the people. The African Americans had lots of experience in hospitality but not always been positive. In the past, they usually carry out the hospitality operations in a low-level managerial position and from the lowest realm in service till the realistic opportunity of becoming general managers. The usage rate is an important variable for the hospitality industry as the owner would like to have his or her productive asset in use as much as possible. Based on the business dictionary, the hospitality industry is defined as hotel, motels, inns, or such businesses that provides transitional or short-term lodging, with or without food. Besides that, to handle a competitor in the industry, it is very important to have the characteristics of the personnel working in direct contact with the guest. The person must have authenticity, professionalism, and actually concern about the happiness and well-being of the customers in order to success in competing with other competitor.

Answer for Question 1

The hospitality industry covers a huge range of organizations which have lots of categories of fields. Those fields in the hospitality industry are travel & tourism, restaurant, and recreation. Besides that, there are advantages as well as disadvantages in every businesses and people. Although hospitality industry is a very wide scope industry but it mainly focuses on the two largest establishments throughout the world. The figure below is two largest establishments in the hospitality industry.

Lodging as known as accommodation is a place that allows someone to lives or stay temporarily. The people who need the lodging for sleep, rest, safety, shelter from cold temperature or rain, storage of luggage and access to common household functions. Commonly the lodging establishment consists of recreation, food service, entertainment and personal services to the travelers. Then, lodging is done in a hotel, hostel, resort, chalet, and motel. Other than that, the goal of all businesses is to link or match supply with the demand like hotels want to sell room and other kinds of services to guest who provides their demand. Supply which is the product and services is a holistic concept and it consists of tangibles and intangibles. Examples of tangibles are hotel type and physical amenities while intangibles are the personal services that provided by the lodging staff. Demand which is the customer wants and needs is always changing and varied. Hotel can be categorized by price, service levels, guests or market segment served, and location.

Advantages of Lodging

Nowadays, people usually stay in other city or town and away from their home for some certain period of time. Lodging is the only place for them to stay during that time. Besides that, the advantages of lodging are that the guest can put away their stress on doing housework such as cleaning and laundry because in the lodging, those services are provided. Other than that, leisure places such as gymnastic room or swimming pool is another attraction for the consumer to make their choice staying in a hotel. In additional, lodging in hospitality industry on the economics angle is the ability to provide products or services of superior quality and reasonable price. Besides that, the company can provide a lower cost which can provide a lower price for the customer than the competition offers. Therefore, the hotel must always update their guest about the latest promotions and also the event organized from other competitors.

Furthermore, localization is the advantages of the lodging in the hospitality industry. In localization part, hotel can be divided in two types which is the conference hotel and hotel that nearby the vocational locations. Conference hotel is mainly targeted on businessman and it is located in the city or a conference area of the certain country. Then, the hotel which is nearby the vocational locations is hotel which is located near beautiful such as beach resort. Besides that, these hotels also located in a tourism area and mainly targeted on family. This kind of hotel is very free during the peak working hour but will be very peak during the holiday period.

Moreover, the environment is another factor of advantages in lodging. The strategic location of the hotel that can allow the guests to view nice and beautiful scenery. The guest can have a memorable view and release tension by just looking out from their room. Other than the lodging, customer also concern about the quality of entertainment such as pub, snooker center, golf field, casino and theme park. For guest who wanted to release stress and seeking for entertainment, this is the best attraction to them.

Disadvantages of Lodging

In large hotels, there are a large numbers of rooms, facilities and wide choices of dining to be chosen. All these are the advantages of lodging but it also the disadvantages of lodging. In large hotels, a long queued line at the reception area is the common things in most of the large lodging. The main reason that causes this problem is the failure of the management. As a hotelier, we must have a further planning in handling critical situation because we can’t ensure that the guest will check out on time and won’t causes the next guest to wait a period of time before they can check into their room.

Furthermore, the most common problem that will be happened in large hotels is lack staffs in working. This problem can cause the guest to get angry while waiting to be served. Besides that, the insufficient of the staff may also cause another staff to suffer. This problem can cause a big problem and complains from a guest as they waiting something from the staff while the staff is busying handling another guest.

Food service is a large industry which has connection with the preparation and service of food outside the home. Restaurant, catering a wedding party or function, and running a cafeteria are all the example of establishment in the food service industry. In this industry, the manager has to take a responsibility in ordering wholesale ingredients, maintaining the food processing and cooking equipment. The person who holds the manager position is usually gained several years of working experience in food and beverage jobs.

In United States, food service industry is one of the largest employers working as servers and managers. Most of them are under the age of 30 and more than half of them are holding a high school diploma or less. Besides that, in food industry, there are 3 types of service provided to the guest. Firstly is counter service which is the food or drinks are all ordered at the counter. Secondly is the table service which is the food or drinks order were taken by the waiter or waitress. Lastly is the gueridon service which the food is served by a trolley that is well equipped to prepare, cook and serve the food to the guest. Other than that, there are many regulations that are needed to follow in order to maintain the quality food service. Generally, the food service director is working about 12hours each day and sometimes might be longer.

Advantages of Food Service

Food Service industry is an industry that needed a large amount of human energy to carry out the work from chef position, assistant chef until the waiter or waitress. Besides that, there are quite an amount of position in between chef and waiter, therefore this condition cause the increased the job opportunities. People with a higher education can hold a position in the management level while the people with a lower education can hold the lower position such as cleaner or waiter. Due to the increase of the lodging therefore the development of the dining will be improved based on the improvement of the lodging.

Furthermore, this industry is mainly targeted on those who are finding something to consume when they are hungry. If this kind of business is located in the correct and suitable place, the result of the business will be very peak, successful, and gain revenue but if located in the wrong and not suitable place, the result will be totally opposite. Besides that, it must be easily to be found so the people who work can save their time during the rushing hour.

Moreover, a professional trained staff is the way to lead the food service establishment to a success. Therefore, the staff must get to use nowadays technology in order to make their job more efficiencies and productive. With the help of technology, the food order were taken down by electronic devices, patron seating are all contributing in an efficient fast serving.


The increased of job opportunities in this industry is an advantages for the job seeker and student but it is disadvantages for the hospitality company. The reason is because of the students are just fresh graded and doesn’t have any working experience will directly affect the efficiency of the service in any establishment. Besides that, the employee should have an on-the-job training to take care the task and responsibility in a restaurant. Then, the expensive rental fee of the shop which makes the owner has to pay lots money just for the rent. In additional the shop might only get limited quantities and more competitors.

Furthermore, the long working time in the food service industry is one of the disadvantages. People who work in this industry are always demanding and grueling. In additional, the waiter and waitress must be in good attitude and won’t so easy get emotional when dealing with the guest. Hence, the salary is highly based on the tips given by the customers, and employees may have a limited access to the benefits and protections from the government such as minimum wage laws.

Then, environment is another disadvantage in the food service industry. Energy conservation, hazardous chemical disposal, and waste management are important and often appear in the food service managers. The health of the staff and the world will be affected if these agents are not used and disposed in a proper method. Many companies are finding methods to reduce the waste before purchasing it.


The hospitality industry is mainly focuses on fulfilling customer satisfaction. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, the good service is the most important thing. There will be more loyal customer if the customer satisfaction is achieved. Besides the individually service, there are also services that are mainly for special event planning which are mostly for social and corporate functions. Finally, hospitality industry is an honorable profession and it is the industry that mostly deals with customers’ needs and wants.

Question 2

Find out the factors that affecting travel and tourism. Explain in detail


In hospitality industry, travel and tourism plays an important role in increasing the revenue in the lodging. Furthermore, it is mainly for recreation, leisure or business purposes. Travel can be defined as a journey that is made while tourism can be defined as the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest. Therefore, people who travel are called as a tourist. Besides that, there are many leisure oriented businesses with a major food service and some of the hospitality component also dependent on the traveler or tourism, such as theme park, shopping mall and many more. The importances of tourism and hospitality industry are increasing every year because tourism is health of the hospitality industry. Other than that, the tourism is the collection productive businesses and governmental organizations that serve the travelers ways from home. These kinds of organizations consist of restaurants, hotels, motels, and resorts. Then, travel trends are significant to students or family of hospitality because they represent the way in which many guests reach.

Answer for Question 2

Travel and tourism industry had become more popular leisure activity day by day. Besides that, there are two purposes for travel which is wanderlust and sunlust. Wanderlust is people who travel to see other country’s cultures and gaining experience while the sunlust is people who travel to some places to escape from climate for a while. Tourism can be divided into two types which is domestic tourism and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism is like people who travel in their own country. Outbound tourism is like people who travel away from home and visit another country for leisure or business purpose. Furthermore, people travel because of leisure and they are finding more way to relax themselves and away from busy life. Of course the most important in the tourism is accommodation which allows the traveler to stay in a night or more. The following diagram is the factors that affecting travel and tourism.

Factors Affecting Travel and Tourism

Leisure time is time that spent for ease and relaxation. The increased of the leisure time is for people to have more time off from the job or school holidays. As the world is changing, the policies in all organization are changing too. Other than that, most of the companies are providing their employees paid holidays and for the large organization, it usually provides a three-day weekends. The liberal company policies had enables the employees to go for a vacation or travel to help them away from stress and giving them a break since they had a more flexible arrangement.

Enabling factors is refers to some people that have the thought to go on a holiday but they can’t do so because of some reasons. The main reasons of that are money and time. If people can’t afford the money and have enough time, it means the people can’t go. Besides that, the availability in travel such as flight to certain location, suitable products like the range of different holidays, having transports to travel easily, marketing of a destination for bringing attention, and ease of booking. These are the enabling factors which allow people to act on their motivators.

Technology factors have always been an industry that has made extensive use of new technology equipment. In tourism, there are several changes of technology like the different factors from medical advances to the innovative tourism. Other than that, a better communication and transports such as cruise ships and new customer had the confidence in safety matter. This will be easier, quicker and cheaper service which is demand of the customer. Besides that, the shorter and efficient time period for a person to travel to another farer place. Moreover, through the technology changes, online booking which can allow people to check for the travelling packages from touring companies’ websites and direct purchase without going walking in to the company. In additional, MATTA FAIR had been successfully organized with the association and sponsored form the different touring companies and organizations. It is a fair which is an open public fair that provides discount to the travelling packages and it is affordable for that economical income family.

Income is money received on a regular basis of work or through investments. Nowadays, many women are started to work in order to maintain their family income rather than just the men. The reason for the women to start working is they wanted to find some challenges and the most mainly reason is that they want to give a more comfortable living lifestyle to her family. Besides that, for a marriage woman, they still need to take care of their children and doing some house work after a tiring working day. At last, their leisure time will be scarified. Therefore, if they had free time, they will spend their money on the goods and services that they demanded. In additional, they won’t care so much about the price of the products or their travel because the time is a bounty for them and this bounty is hard to gain. Therefore, a good rest in releasing the pressure and hectic life style, the good and quality travelling will always be their first and wise choice.

Demographic is a particular sector of a population. In America, a significant demographic change had been proven that middle age people had higher income and greater propensity to travel. The people within the age of 35 to 44 are mostly stays in the accommodations or a longer outstation trip in which for leisure or business purpose. Besides that, people after the age of 55 mostly going for leisure purpose by using their retirement pay to travel. These groups of people are the main growth in the mature market for tourism. These people within the age of 55 to 65 as the first baby boomers had move to their mature years and being very excited and active in finding new experience by travelling and enjoy the leisure moment after retirement.

Safety and security have been an important factor in every industry especially in the tourism industry. As tourism or traveler, they usually concern the safety and security of the hotels and the transportation for their journey. In hotels, the security department must ensure that customers are away from the situation such as assault, raping, larceny, robbery and fire within the premises. In order to prevent this situation, there must be lighting in every single area of the hotels. Besides that, the security department staff must be well-trained in handling any situation happened. These not only is the safety of the customer but worker as well. On the other hand, the safety transportation such as airplane, ships, train, bus and taxi are also concerned by the tourism and traveler. A good and well managed in the safety and security of the accommodation can give an good impression to the guest and they will continue staying instead intro it to their friends.


Travel and tourism is very important in the hospitality industry because it leads to large revenue through lodging establishment. Lots of people prefer travel by car than other transports such as airplane, motorbike, bus or train. Although travel by airplane is the fastest among other transports but it is too expensive. Besides that, the communications between airlines and tourism industry should have an agreement in lower down the price to improve the tourism industry. By adjusting the price of the airplane, more people will go for travel and only can bring the tourism industry to a new millennium.

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